Natural and unscented cream
Natural and unscented cream
Natural base products and cosmetics

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Natural base products such as unscented cream and shower gel
Natural and unscented cream
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We use natural ingredients in our unscented base products
We use natural ingredients in our unscented base products
We use natural ingredients in our unscented base products
Natural Oils and Butters

We use a mixture of vegetable-based oils. Almond and thistle are drunk up by the skin quickly; avocado and olive are enriching.

All these oils all raw materials and are cold pressed from seed or fresh olives.

The olive and avocado oils contain essential fatty acids. Our thistle oil contains linoleic acid, which strengthens cellular membrane.

We use cocoa butter to create a firmer feeling cream with rich and nourishing benefits.
Natural Emulsifiers

VE emulsifier & MF emulsifier: Two vegetarian powders that link water and oil molecules together. They are derived from solid fats such as coconut. Safe enough to use in food production - we use them in cosmetic creams.

Cetyl alcohol: This is another emulsifier that goes into our creams. It has a stabilising influence on the oils. It also creates a smoother product.

Camomile water: This water is a left-over from the production of camomile essential oil. We buy it in and ensure it is not wasted since it has many properties associated with the oil and plant. Certified organic.

Geranium & rose waters: Similar to camomile, these are by-products of essential oil production. We team them up in our traditional cold cream recipe.  

Distilled water: This is our own distilled, Cornish water. We run it through our special machine to extract dirt and bacteria, providing us with a purer source of water. We do this fresh for every batch of cream we make. It produces a truly soft product.
Cleansing Agents

Alpha detergent: This is coconut butter that has been converted into a cleansing agent. It is an alternative to many of the harsher materials and is SLS free. It is also more biodegradable.

Beta detergent: Also known as betaine, this cleansing agent is extracted from coconut oil. Extremely gentle and respects human skin and is SLS free, while also being biodegradable.

Sugar detergent: This is a gentle cleansing agent that has been derived from corn and coconut butter. It is biodegradable and SLS free.

Preservative K: A combination of natural alcohols and potassium sorbate, which together inhibit the development of bacteria. Potassium sorbate is commonly used in food preservation. We use this in cleansing products.

Preservative 12: This is an even more gentle and yet effective, natural preservative than K. We have gone over to using this in all our creams and body lotions. It is far less likely to irritate the skin.

Vitamin E: This is a natural preservative used in all our creams. It also works as an antioxidant on the skin, protecting it from free radicals and going some way to help prevent rapid ageing.
Thickeners and Balancing Agents

Guar gum: we use this in our shampoos. Sourced from leguminous seeds, it is a natural conditioner from a plant.

Omega fat restoring agent: This liquid is used to balance cleansing products such as shampoo or shower gel. It is a form of olive oil.
Moisturising Agents

Glycerine: entirely vegetarian and used to enhance the skin’s ability to attract water from the cream or lotion.

Honey: a liquid we use instead of glycerine in our vitamin cream, for increased attraction.

Aloe Vera: we use an organic liquid concentrate from the US.

A lovely, orangey liquid that is extracted from carrots. Once in the body, it transforms into vitamin A.

It is considered to be an antioxidant.