Natural and unscented cream
Natural and unscented cream
Natural base products and cosmetics

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Natural base products such as unscented cream and shower gel
Natural and unscented cream
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We sell unscented creams made with almond, olive and thistle oil
Privacy Policy & Security

Card Details
We offer a Paypal service, which is a secure facility. This is a method of outsourcing any card transactions - therefore we have no access to these details. Our site has been granted a security certificate (SSL). This demonstrates that your personal sign-in details on the website are scrambled after use and that we pay for this service. The level of encryption is 256-bit.

Personal Data
We will need to take your name and contact details in order to deliver goods to you. This personal data includes the following: your full name, full address with postcode and your telephone number.

Information Held
We will store your personal data, as stated above, and also your email address and information relating to your order on our business hard drive. It is not backed up off-site and this information is held securely.

Information Shared
With the exception of the General Post Office and courier companies, we have no need share your data with any other company. We do not sell information to other businesses for marketing reasons and are only interested in promoting our own products.

We understand the need to provide you with control over how much contact you receive from us. Therefore we will email you after your first order to ask whether you wish to receive future newsletters or offers. If you do not wish to receive anything, then we will of course keep you off these lists entirely. You can contact us any time to have yourself removed from our marketing lists by emailing:

We may use Google Analytics in the future. They tend to send cookies to customer computers.

Further questions contact:
If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email them to us using: