Natural and unscented cream
Natural and unscented cream
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Natural base products such as unscented cream and shower gel
Natural and unscented cream
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We sell unscented creams made with almond, olive and thistle oil
Returns Policy

We want to ensure you are happy with your purchase, so please be aware of your options in case anything goes wrong. Also, we need to hear from you within 28 days after making your online purchase.

Wrong Order
In the event of receiving the wrong product, please contact us immediately. We will discuss how we can correct the mistake and how you can return the package. You may need to keep any receipt of postage in order for this to also be reimbursed. If you are unhappy about the delay this incurs then we can discuss a full refund.

Damaged in transit
If goods are faulty, for instance if they are damaged before they have even arrived, then we will offer a full refund. You are within your rights to return the goods and claim a full refund. We would appreciate an explanation of how the goods were faulty so we can make amends. Please also include a photocopy of your receipt for paying the postage. Returns can be sent to: Natural Base Products, 50 Queen Anne Gardens, Falmouth, TR11 4SW.

Condition of product
All products are handmade and checked before they leave our premises, however, if you are unhappy with the condition, then we would like to hear from you in writing. Either email us at or write to Natural Base Products, 50 Queen Anne Gardens, Falmouth, TR11 4SW.

Please state why you feel the product is unsuitable. We will contact you to establish how we can resolve the problem, as there may be a more suitable product. We will need to see the product in order to give a refund and will therefore discuss how you can return the product. Please keep the receipt, in case we can offer reimburse you for the stock. We will then check the product when it arrives back.

Please note:
We use natural materials and our products are home-made. Therefore we would like to remind you that there can be some variation in some qualities, such as thickness or scent. We are therefore unable to receive returns if you feel there is a slight difference between this product and one you bought previously.

Unwanted Goods
Please also be aware that it is more difficult for us to receive returns if goods are simply no longer required. Due to hygiene we cannot resend our products to other customers.

Our products are entirely natural and we use simple materials that don't usually sensitise the skin. However, people with sensitive skin are best advised to check their allergies against the ingredients listings. We are also unable to make any guarantees for those with sensitive skin.

For any further information please contact:
Natural Base Products
50 Queen Anne Gardens
TR11 4SW
Tel: 01326 210 210

None of your statutory rights are affected.